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From the start of our communication, the customer service was extremely unprofessional. I was communicating with the business by email ( to find out some more information. I would ask a few questions and get an unclear response to maybe one of the questions. Never a complete response. Through a series of emails he was able to promise that he could have the products as I requested done by the date that I needed them (June 16th at the very latest)

I placed my order on July 6th, at which point they were no longer were responsive to my emails. I had some success speaking with someone when I ever got anyone on the phone. On the evening of June 11th I called to add an extra shirt to my order. At that point I was told that the shirts were actually done and that it wouldn't be a problem to add another one and pick them up on July 13th.

I attempted to call and email on July 13th to find out the address that I could pick them up from (since there were two addresses listed for the business), but did not receive a response until 10:54pm. I responded to inquire what time they were open so that I could pick them up. Upon not receiving a response, I assumed that they were not open on the weekends since I could not get a response by phone or email on July 14th or 15th. They also do not have an answering machine for their phone.

On July 16th I called at 1pm and was told it would be ok to pick up the shirts at 6:30pm. When I arrived at 6:30pm there was no one there who could help me but I was assured that "Arnold" would be back shortly and he could help me. After an hour of waiting, another employee came and was actually very helpful in trying to get some answers for me. He could not find my shirts and he could not get in touch with Arnold. At about 8:30pm Arnold finally called him back, at which point he found out that the shirts were NOT done. I was then told to call the employee who did the printing to see if he could get the shirts made for me in time, possibly in the morning. I told him that I needed the shirts by 6am the next day and he said he lived to far away and could not have them done until after 8/9am. The event that I needed the shirts for would be long done by that point.

I spent 3 hours waiting at their establishment, only to be told they weren't done and would not be done in time for my event. The business practices of this "business" are seriously lacking. I have never in my life received such poor customer service. The unprofessionalism, failure to provide a product by a promised deadline and outright lies are unacceptable. I was given straight up lies and misinformation from the moment I started working with them. They lied to me and told that they were done when they were not! I was told I could pick up the shirts at 6:30pm but there was no one there who could give them to me (if they had been done in the first place). Had I been told that they were not done and/or that nobody would be there at 6:30pm for pick up it would have been frustrating to say the least, but now I am left without the shirts I needed or with enough time to come up with a back up plan.

I attempted to call and email Arnold over the next three days and he never answered the phone or responded to my emails. On July 19th I received notice from Paypal that Arnold had given me a full refund. While obviously pleased to have my money back, there was no accompanying apology or explanation. I actually had wanted to still get the shirts but at a significantly reduced price due to the incomprehensible service I was given and promises not kept.

I still have not heard from him and he does not respond to my attempts to contact him. This is the worst and most unprofessional business and ownership that I have ever encountered in my life and wish to warn all others before they try to do any business with Arnold and his team at 395shirts.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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